You are Welcome Here 2015

In 2015 we are working to re-vamp You are Welcome Here (YAWH) to go beyond the already welcoming experience displayed graphically throughout the Institute. The master plan consists of two main goals:

  1. Provide faculty and staff with substantial information on how to be welcoming to all of MIT's diverse student population. We want to provide them with a "toolbox" of positive actions they can take to be welcoming. YAWH wants the community to move from passively being tolerant, to actively being welcoming. We will team up with the Institute Community and Equity Office to reach all parts of the faculty and staff so that this happens.
  2. Allow everyone to print their own customized YAWH sign. In addition to being able to choose the image or even make your own (from a template), an important addition will be to create a set of "badges" that will print on the sign. These badges will be earned by faculty and staff who actively participate in diversity meetings and events, especially those for LBGT concerns.

How you can help!

We need students, facutly, staff, and alumni to help us make YAWH better by:

YAWH Feedback

Let us know your anecdotes about both successful or failed interactions in a diverse environment, especially when you just arrived into a new situation at MIT and met new people (advisees meeting advisors; joining a class; joining a new living group or student activity, etc). This can be a student telling us about their experience with faculty/staff, or faculty/staff about their experience with students, or between students - any combination! We want to hear any stories that will help us make everyone feel more welcome at MIT.

If you want to keep this anonymous, only provide the story. If you want to get credit for your story, tell us your information. Its completely up to you. Please note that in cases where we find (or you tell us) that identifying either students, faculty, or staff could be detrimental to our goal of improving the welcome experience we might change your story to make it anonymous for all parties involved.

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