Work in the Rainbow Lounge!

The Rainbow Lounge Student Assistants support programs, services and events for the benefit of culturally-specific communities and MIT campus community. They are also responsible for tasks that maintain the daily functioning of the Rainbow Lounge.

By utilizing their leadership, sensitivity, and skills in community building, event planning, peer counseling, crisis intervention, and communication, staff members play a key role in fulfilling the missions of the Rainbow Lounge. LBGT@MIT strives to serve our diverse communities; provide educational, social, and cultural activities; and provide a "home away from home" for traditionally underrepresented students.

All Rainbow Lounge staff members must be committed to the development of multicultural, inclusive communities at MIT. Student Assistants are role models for those we serve through the Rainbow Lounge; they must be active in pursuing self education regarding issues of sensitivity, sexism, transphobia, racism, religious intolerance including but not limited to anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, heterosexism, able-ism, classism, ageism, and more.

Job Responsibilities:


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Please e-mail Julio Oyola ( for more information or to be considered for this position.

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