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Rainbow Lounge & Other Resources On-Campus

Rainbow Lounge

50-005 (Walker Basement), x3-5440

The Rainbow Lounge serves as a meeting space and support network for all LBGT related activities, programs, and services at MIT. The Lounge is home to MITís several LBGT student groups and includes a library and a cozy reading space. The Rainbow Lounge offers weekly office hours, group meetings, movie nights, discussions, guest speakers, and study breaks. Itís also a great place to hang out and meet new people.

Rainbow Lounge Staff

Abigail Francis, Director of LBGT Services,, x3-0684

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MIT Medical

Physician: Howard Heller,, x3-1615
Mental Health: Audra Bartz,, x3-2916; and Maya Hanelin,, x3-2916
Health Promotion and Wellness: Kate McCarthy,, x3-4420; Greg Baker,; and Zan Barry,, x3-3646

Supportive Staff and Faculty

Student Activities: La-Tarri Canty,
Chaplain: Bob Randolph,, x8-5484
Episcopal Chaplain: Rev. Thea Keith-Lucas,, x3-2983
Student Support Services: James Collins, Assistant to the Dean,, x3-4861
Women's and Gender Studies: Emily Neill, Program Manager,
Graduate Education: Jason McKnight,, x3-5427
Physics Professor: Nergis Mavalvala,, x3-5657
MechE Professor: George Barbastathis,, x3-1960
Residential Life:Julie Rothhaar, (First Year Experience, FYE)
FSILGs: Jacob Oppenheimer,
Athletics: Carol Matsuzaki, Head Coach of Tennis,, Barbara Bolich, Asst. Athletic Director,, x3-2438
VCF Chaplain: Adam Reynolds,

Conflict, Mediation, & Crime Reporting

Ombuds Office: Toni Robinson,, x3-5921
Police @ MIT: Cheryl Vossmer,, x3-9755

Many thanks to:

John Kellett '47: Generous donor
And anyone with a "You Are Welcome Here" card posted on their office or room door.

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