Q: What is the confidentiality of the program?

A: All applications will be completly confidential and the information of mentors and mentees will not be publicly available. However, all mentors and mentees will meet each other during the mandatory training sessions.

Q: How often are mentees/mentors expected to meet?

A: You must meet at least once a month for the program to be successful.

Q: How long is the mentorship program?

A: The program lasts through May of the academic year; mentee/mentor pairs that wish to continue can do so through the length of the student's stay at MIT or another muturally agreed duration.

Q: Can graduate students be mentees?

A: YES! The program is for both graduate and undergraduate students!

Q: Can graduate students be mentors?

A: Limited yes. Graduate students who have been at MIT for three (3) or more years may be considered for the role of a mentor for undergraduate students if a match is found.

Q: Can alumni who are no longer at MIT be mentors?

A: Yes, as long as you are still in the MIT area and will be able to meet with your mentee regularly. Not all meetings with your mentee have to be in person, but at least once per month they should be. In addition training and some of the events need attendance in person.

Q: Can Lincoln Lab employees be mentors?

A: Absolutely! Any staff from MIT, including Lincoln Labs, can be a mentor. We expect some students will want a mentor who is not part of their daily life on campus, and instead can have a perspective from the LL professional environment.

Q: Do all meetings have to be face-to-face?

A: No. We strongly encourage you to meet in person at least once per month. Additional mentoring times could be on the phone, online/chat, etc.

Q: How will matching be done?

A: Matching will be done based on the answers to the application forms. The application asks many questions which will help us match mentees and mentors correctly - we depend on those answers to do a good job.

Q: Will there be any training?

A: Yes, there will be a mentor and mentee orientation and kick-off (approx. 2 hours total). The pairs will all meet, and the ttraining will concentrate on setting expectations, student life at MIT ("navigating" MIT), and general guidelines for the program.

Q: Will there be other meetings/events?

A: We expect to have "get togethers" of all mentors and mentees both at the start of the program in November, then again at the start of the Spring semester, and and final event at the end of the year. Details TBD.

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